8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Analysis of Employment-Related Policy

Brian Dille

Cohort 2020-2021


You are a part of a global effort to increase access to education and empower students through “open pedagogy.”  Open pedagogy is a “free access” educational practice that places you – the student – at the center of your own learning process in a more engaging, collaborative learning environment.  The ultimate purpose of this effort is to achieve greater social justice in our community in which the work can be freely shared with the broader community.  This is a renewable assignment that is designed to enable you to become an agent of change in your community through the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  For this work, you will integrate the disciplines of Political Science to achieve SDG #08: Decent Work and Economic Growth  5, 6, 7, 8  

Learning Objectives

Analyze current state, county, or city statute, regulation, or policy.


An important part of sustainable development is ensuring that all members of a society have access to opportunities for meaningful employment under respectful conditions. Targets 5 through 8 offer ambitious objectives for the global community. It is tempting to think that only developing countries need worry about these targets, but every country continues to struggle with them, including the United States. A deeper look at one of these targets in a local context will uncover some of the many barriers to progress on these targets.


Assignment: Research and analyze a current state, county, or city statute, regulation, or policy that impacts (1) wages (from a lens of gender, race, age, ability equity), (2) work-related injuries, (3) agricultural workers, (4) child labor, or (5) workers with disabilities. In a two-page well-written paper, provide an analysis on the pros and cons of the statute, regulation, or policy, including suggestions on how to improve language or explain why the language is effective. Your paper will be made available as an OER tool for others.

Format Requirements

Rubric (50 pts)

Identify statute – 15

Statute reference is specific and documented – 15

Statue is referred to informally and generally – 10

No evidence the statute actually exists – 5

Analysis- 15

Rich description, erudite analysis – 15

Basic description, some analysis – 10

Poor description, no analysis – 5

Criticism or defense- 15

Pros and cons of statute are given, clear position taken – 15

Pros and cons of statute are given or clear position taken, but not both -10

Treatment is one-sided or student position is unclear – 5

Professionalism – 5 pts

Citations provided and few typos – 5 pts

No citations or lots of typos – 3 pts

This is truly embarrassing – 0 p



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