3: Good Health and Well-Being

Life Long Learners and Evidence-Based Writing

Michelle A. Prendergast and Geetha Kada

Cohort 2019-2020


You are a part of a global effort to increase access to education and empower students through “open pedagogy.”  Open pedagogy is a “free access” educational practice that places you – the student – at the center of your own learning process in a more engaging, collaborative learning environment.  The ultimate purpose of this effort is to achieve greater social justice in our community in which the work can be freely shared with the broader community.  This is a renewable assignment that is designed to enable you to become an agent of change in your community through the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  For this work, you will integrate the disciplines of English and Nursing to achieve SDG #3: Good Health and Well-Being.   

Learning Objectives


·       Develop logical and coherent college-level essay structure

·       Use rhetorical strategies, based on audience and purpose, to develop academic essays with a balanced expository exploration of a topic

·       Write essays that demonstrate facility with grammar and mechanics

·       Integrate information into essays by quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, based on assigned readings

·       Develop own ideas in relation to words and ideas of others

·       Demonstrate standard citation and documentation procedures

·       Write with academic integrity; recognize and avoid plagiarism


·       Discuss the criteria and process for becoming a certified nurse within your specialty area.

·       Discover the benefits of continuing education in nursing.

·       Construct a professional resume


This active learning practice is designed to improve your academic skills, increase community connections, and improve social justice for our community.


Nursing Assignment:

You will be required to watch the listed video on Evidence based practice ( EBP),  select a EBP topic related to your hospital, community or any health care setting and complete a continuing education certificate; and will write a reflection on its effect on general population/ patient care and how you plan to use it in the community.

Your reflection paper should be 2-3 pages in length using evidence from at least 3 peer reviewed journals to support the information and should be written in APA format.

English Evidence-Based Writing:

After watching an episode from Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick, researching “Leading Health Indicators” of Healthy People 2020, and the Evidence-based Practices video, you have some context on issues related to healthcare in the United States. You will now choose a health-related issue in the United States (it can be any topic connected to the previous two assignments) that you think needs to be changed to improve health. You will persuade your audience through evidence-based research that this change is necessary for health and well being or to reduce inequalities related to health and well being in the United States. For instance, you may consider conducting research into evidence-based practices that support the use of vaccinations; or, you might choose to research evidence-based practices for combatting the opiate addiction crisis that currently plagues many communities.

Your research essay must be 3 pages in length using evidence from at least 3 credible, academic sources to support your argument. Include appropriate citations and Works Cited page using either MLA or APA format. You will also include a paragraph long reflection (not included in the 3-page research essay length) in which you explain how you can use evidence-based decision-making in other areas of your life.

Format Requirements


Argument Essay with Evidence and Reflection


Evidence based practice- Reflection paper.



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