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Organizational Structure

The fellowship is coordinated by a cross-institutional leadership committee made up with representation from each institution. This committee meets regularly to:

  1. Promote the UN SDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship and put out a call for faculty fellows
  2. Determine faculty fellow group assignments
  3. Plan events and workshops around open pedagogy for faculty fellows
  4. Plan the student showcase
  5. Innovate the UN SDG Open Pedagogy Fellowship

Leadership Team:

Montgomery College:


Dr. Michael Mills, Vice President of ELITE:

Professor Shinta Hernandez, Department Chair of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice:

Ms. Christine Crefton, Project and Planning Analyst:

Kwantlen Polytechnic University:


Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani, Associate Vice President, Teaching and Learning:

Urooj Nizami, Open Education Strategist: 

Maricopa County Community College District:


Ms. Deborah Baker:, Instructional Designer, Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation

Dr. Carla Ghanem:, Instructional Designer, GateWay Community College

Dr. Lisa Young,, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Scottsdale Community College


Dr. Sian Proctor:, Geoscience Faculty, South Mountain Community College

Mr. Matthew Bloom:, English Faculty, Scottsdale Community College

Community College of Baltimore County:

Ms. Cynthia Roberts-Whitelock, Senior Librarian:

Ms. Jamie Witman, Librarian:

Pima Community College:

Dr. Josie Milliken, Department Chair and Instructional Designer:

Langara College:

Ms. Lindsay Tripp, Librarian:

Dr. Alena Buis, Department Chair:

Thompson Rivers University:

Ms. Brenda Smith, Librarian:

Dr. Michelle Harrison, Instructional Designer:

Mr. Ken Monroe, Instructional Designer:




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